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Service Line Material Survey

The United States Environmental Protection Agency has modified its Lead and Copper Rule to require all Water System Operators to maintain an inventory of service line materials for each service in their water system by October 2024. The City of Saint Louis Water Division is requesting your assistance in obtaining the information necessary to comply with the new rules. We have posted instructions for identifying the material of your service line and a form to report that information to us online. You can Click Here to submit your data today.

The form will ask for some basic information and a photo of the service line where it enters your property. Your assistance will prevent the need for someone to visit your property to obtain this information.

Rate Increase Information

For the first time in 13 years, the City of St. Louis Board of Aldermen approved an initial 20% increase in the water rate charges. The first $5 average monthly increase is effective July 1, 2023, with a second $5 average monthly increase in January 2024. This will provide the revenue necessary to sustain the maintenance and operation of the City’s water system, repairing main breaks and ensuring residents have access to the safe, clean water they rely on.

This effort will also allow the Water Division to replenish the reserves necessary to make long-term investments in our infrastructure. St. Louisans will continue to pay less on average for water than residents of St. Louis County or Kansas City.

The Collector of Revenue's office remains committed to collecting and administering your payments carefully and efficiently, as prescribed by law. If you have any questions about the payment options available to you, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 314-622-3628. For billing questions, please contact the Water Division at 314-771-2255.

2023 Operator's Meritorious Service Award Winner Jim Kopp

The Water Division is Hiring!

The Water Division has immediate job openings for the following positions:

Carpenter, Chemist I, Civil Engineer II, Construction Equipment Operator I , Construction Equipment Operator II, Electronic Control Systems Technician, Heavy Equipment Operator I, Heavy Equipment Operator II, Programmer Analyst I, Stationary Engineer, Utility Locator, Water Maintenance Technician, Water Maintenance Foreman, Water Meter Worker, Water Plant Maintenance Mechanic, Water Treatment Plant Operator

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